Davidson Audio Tour Pack Harness

Custom designed Passive Tour Pack Harness tailored for the 2020-2023 Indian Challenger & Pursuit and the 2019-2023 Indian Chieftain & Roadmaster.

This specialized harness facilitates the essential connection between your aftermarket amplifier and speaker. Crafted with convenience in mind, we've integrated adapters to seamlessly utilize the existing OEM wiring in your motorcycle. This thoughtful design not only ensures a swift and straightforward installation but also enables a quick disconnect feature for your tour pack.

Key Features of the Tour Pack Harness Wiring:

  • Utilizes high-quality automotive-grade copper wiring
  • Establishes a connection from the fairing-mounted amplifier to the tour pack-mounted speakers
  • Comes pre-sized, loomed, and color-correlated for both the clutch and brake sides, ensuring ease of installation and a tidy setup on your bike.