Indian Challenger & Pursuit 8 Speaker Audio Package

This product is compatible with the 2020 - 2023 Indian Challenger & Pursuit

Our final Audio Package includes a whopping 8 speaker set-up. This complete aftermarket package is no doubt out largest and loudest of them all. It's ideal for someone who shares with us the same love of music. Like the rest of our staged audio solutions, this package is going to start in the Fairing of your Indian Challenger or Pursuit. It's then going to be paired with your Lower Fairing, Saddlebag Lids & Tour Pack. When you purchase our 8 speaker Audio Package, you will receive the standard two speaker fairing set-up:

  • Custom Fairing Shroud
  • Pre-Amp Fairing Harness
  • Custom Fairing Amp Plate
  • Custom Fairing DSP Plate
  • Power & Ground Harness
  • Passive Fairing Harness
  • DSP
  • Time Delay Module
  • RCA Cables (2x)
  • 4 Channel 800W Amplifier
  • 6.5" Coax Horn Speakers
  • Custom Speaker Spacers

In addition, you will receive the following products:

  • 5.25" Pro Coax Speakers (2x)
  • Passive Lower Fairing Harness
  • Passive Tour Pack Harness
  • 6.5" Coaxial Waterproof Speakers
  • Passive Saddlebag Lid Harness

Sold separately Indian Motorcycle PowerBand Audio Lower Fairing Installation Kit with Bezels found here (link)

Our packages were designed with the customer in mind.  Each package will come pre-soldered, pre-tuned and ready for installation.