Indian Chieftain & Roadmaster 4 Speaker Audio Package

This product is compatible with the 2019 - 2023 Indian Chieftain & Roadmaster

If you are looking to add speakers and volume to your audio system, then our complete 4 Speaker Audio Package is for you. This package is located in the Fairing of your Indian Chieftain or Roadmaster and is paired with either your Lower Fairing, Saddlebag Lids OR Tour Pack. When you purchase the 4 speaker Audio Package, you will receive everything in our two speaker fairing package:

  • Pre-Amp Fairing Harness
  • Custom DSP Plate
  • Custom AMP Plate
  • Fairing Speaker Wire Harness
  • Power & Ground Harness
  • DSP
  • Time Delay Module
  • RCA Cables (2x)
  • 4 Channel 800 W Amplifier
  • 5.25" Pro Coax Horn Speaker

In addition, you will receive the following products based on your speaker selection: 

Fairing & Lower Fairing

  • 6.5" Coax Horn Speakers
  • 6.5" Billet Lip-Over Grills
  • 6.5" Audio Speaker Pod Adapters (shipped from manufacturer) 
  • Passive Lower Fairing Harness

Fairing & Saddlebag Lid

  • 6.5" Coaxial Waterproof Speakers
  • Passive Saddlebag Lid Harness

Fairing & Tour Pack

  • 5.25" Pro Coax Speakers
  • Passive Tour Pack Harness
Our packages were designed with the customer in mind.  Each package will come pre-soldered, pre-tuned and ready for installation.