About Us

My name is Brandon Davidson and I am the owner of Davidson Audio LLC.

I started my audio journey in high school when I installed my first system in my 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse.

Fast forward to 2017 when my passion for motorcycle audio started with my 2016 Victory Cross Country tour.

It started with a system build to upgrade my fairing speakers with a Soundigital 800.4 amp, Crescendo Audio 6.5 mids, Hertz ST25 horn tweeters, and a Pioneer head unit. It then grew to Soundigital 1200.4 evox, Hertz SV165, 2 sets of Hertz ST25, and Hertz SX690 in the lids.

You can say at that point the audio bug had bitten me and I have been obsessed with motorcycle audio since.

When the pictures started releasing of the new Indian Challenger I knew I had to have one. So I sold both of my Victory motorcycles and ordered my 2020 Indian Challenger dark horse in white smoke the day they started taking pre orders. The day I received it I brought it home and stripped the bike down to figure out how the audio system worked then how I could bring aftermarket options to the platform.

Since that time I have developed multiple different Challenger specific products that combined with aftermarket audio equipment for full audio packages specific to the Indian challenger platform.

This is only beginning as I continue to develop new products for not only the Indian Challenger but the Indian Chieftain line up.